Ermas Long Day's Journey Into Night

Dear Readers:

My daughters and long-suffering husband have read and loved each of these magnificent writers' work and I'm so happy that for a few years I was able to bring you their talent. The girls have seen their school photos lamblasted, and their sibling rivalry mocked, while my husband showed off his skills with power tools. My parents made appearances in the blog and I regularly look in peanut cans now for my father's hearing aid. It's time to stop the madness -- before someone calls the authorities. Since Ermas started, I've published books, written short stories, recited zombie haiku for National Public Radio and developed a new appreciation for how humor works. It's never funny unless you make yourself smile when you write it. 

Thank you to the writers who kept me laughing in the backchannels and for their support to keep Ermas fresh week after week. And a big thank you to Angie Mansfield who swooped in as co-editor when I needed her most. 

As I push the writers out into a broader publishing world, please follow them and give them the Ermas high-sign. They're a friendly bunch and I'll miss working with every one of them. I think Erma Bombeck would have liked this merry band; we embodied what I believe she valued most: family, humor, and love.

Thank you for reading us, we're the better for it.

Best wishes,

Stacey Graham


  1. ::cue the music::


    Lather, rinse, repeat . . .

    I love you guys!

  2. *trots in...takes one more look around...sighs...trots back out*


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