Meet the Ermas

Stacey Graham is the mama of five amazing girls, writer, a ghost hunter and the best little granola chef in the whole wide world, While trying to write the Great American Novel between Brownie permission slips and grocery lists. she once gave a cashier half a scene when handing her a coupon. It was a toss-up which she needed more - coffee or if Libby would make it out alive. Coffee won.

Please visit her website and writing blog to check out her zombie whoopin' skillz.

When Jennifer Caddell isn't being a mom to two precious and perfect children or adoring her heroic husband, she can be seen typing away on a science fiction masterpiece, hugging trees, gardening and hiking through the woods in search of the elusive Sasquatch or sparkly Vampire.  She lives in the wet and wonderful Pacific Northwest.  Please visit her blog to find out why writing sci-fi is so much fun!

Carole Oldroyd, a West Virginia native, makes her home in east Teneessee with her longsuffering husband and two furry canine companions, Sinner and Gypsy.  Her two college-age sons are grown and on their own, and that leaves a mighty empty hole in the Oldroyd house.  She fills that hole, sometimes even successfuly, with writing, organic gardening, knitting, cooking (as a sport!), restoring her 110 year old house and college classes.  She is in her second year working toward her first degree, but she has learned that college is awesome, dude, and she'll probably be  a lifetime student. Consequently, her parents want to know who she is and what she did with their daughter.  The first article she ever wrote was published in Llwewllyn's 2007 Herbal Almanac, and she always has some new story (or twelve!) simmering.  Non-fic is her game, and humor is the way she likes to play it.  She swears that life is just plain funny.  If we couldn't find the humor, we'd all be crazy.  Well, crazier.

Harley May is a wife, mother, and writer. She grew up in South Korea and did not live in a grass hut but thanks for asking. When not living the posh existence of wife, mother, and scattered writer, she enjoys staring at hardwood floors and biting. She likes grapes. Please visit her blog. Seriously. She's desperate for friends.


Janna Qualman is a mom of two, writer of fiction by day, ninja by night. Don't tell her husband, he'd freak. Visit Janna at her blog: Something She Wrote.

Melanie Avila is a freelance writer and graphic designer who recently moved back to Michigan after living in Mexico for three years. A graduate from James Madison University, she worked in Chicago for ten years and now spends her time between design projects writing novels and short stories. You can learn more about Melanie at her blog Hoosblog, or read about her adventures in Mexico at What Am I Doing in Mexico? Oh, and her dog has a blog too.

Ever since the Flaming Toast Casserole Incident, Beth Bartlett has sought refuge—and hid from her family—in the pages of Erma Bombeck’s books. While she toils as a freelance article writer by day, at night she dons a superhero outfit that bags at the knees (among other places) and writes about the days when both checks and cookies bounce. When she’s had enough caffeine, she also posts at Wisecrack Zodiac.

Tracy Cedara Dunn is almost always a responsible 30-something adult who is creative, wildly sarcastic, yet always enthusiastic about her life.(Well except folding laundry and those darn litter boxes...ok, moving on).
Loves to create art, slurp soup, jump on trampolines, and daydream about shirtless cowboys. She needs Pepsi to jump start her morning as coffee has never crossed her lips, cold pizza, a closet for just her shoe collection and her family close.

Who feels joy listening to her cats purr,making her friends laugh so hard they snort, bringing fabric to life, and scribbling thoughts on the pages of numerous journals.

Who fears the dust bunnies under her bed have become rabid and she'll never find a pair of jeans that fit her right.

Who would like to have a cowboy with cake show up on her porch, travel the world, see her desk neat and tidy for even just one day, and build her own work studio.

Who shares her secrets, her worries, and her craziness with those that read her work

She is a resident of Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

Please visit her website and blog to check out the ever crazy thing she calls her life.

Sara Spock-Carlson is a mom, wife, anthropology student, lab assistant, English tutor, certified barista, and freelance writer.  When she’s not saving the world or cooking gourmet meals, she’s studying, traveling, singing, writing, reading, and building menacing Lego towers. Sara can be found hiding at her green-living blog or at the Sex Lab.  No, that’s not what we’re calling it these days.

Kathy T. is the mother of three interesting and talented young adults who have inspired lots of essays, greeting cards, and stories. Her family thinks she's a bit wacky, but why not visit her on her blog, It Bloggles The Mind at: and decide for yourself.

I’m Amy Mullis. My turn-ons are housebroken puppies, diets that use chocolate as a weight loss tool, and husbands who know which end of the mop to use on the kids and which end to use on the floor.  Oh, and world peace.  But that’s not likely to start in my house on Monday morning.  These days, I'm trying to find myself. Come help me look. Surely if children everywhere can find Waldo, we can locate a short, round woman sporting stretchy pants, a baseball jersey, and dangly earring and clutching a box of Girl Scout cookies like Thin Mints are the keys to heaven.

Visit my blog: Mind Over Mullis. As long as there's no funny business with the cookies, we'll all get along just fine.

Lisa Dovichi lives in Livermore, CA with her husband, two sons, and a killer Boston Fern named Audrey. She is a freelance writer, web and graphics designer, artist, and a budding novelist. In her spare time -- wait she doesn't have any.  

Angie Mansfield lives in a tiny map dot in Iowa with her dog, her cat, and her twelve-pack soda box collection, which she hopes to someday fashion into a hang glider. Because hang gliding is, like, totally cool. When not plotting her escape from reality, Angie can be found avoiding housework, trying to get cat golf (that's cats playing golf, not golf being played with cats, you sicko) included in the summer Olympics, and spying on her neighbor's evil horde of pink flamingoes while dressed as a pirate. For some reason, even after reading Angie's news blog, her mother still needs to be told why Angie shouldn't have children.